My Memories

Jimmy Smith
There was B-3 & X-66 in a house of Jimmy.

My music friends.

It is a photograph with me and Jimmy Smith.
&Studio of Chick Corea .
In this studio, MARK LEVINSON ML -5
master tape recorder was used
and TRIDENT Recording Console.

My recording in L.A.

First time create kt-66 power amp

The electric circuit that I discovered about 35 years ago.

This is the first recording studio that I built.

My audio system (1985)

Mark Levinson LNP-2,ML-6A,ML-2,
Mcintosh MC2300,Ortofon SPU,J.B.L.Hertzfield.

This is railroad model collection of me.

This is a connection diagram of the sound that is good.

This is the second recording studio that I built.
In Neve V series custom 96ch model.
96ch, it is the first model.
Automation is GML.

This is the third recording studio that I built.
Neve8048 with GML Automation System .

This is a measuring instrument before 30 years. and still good condition.

Hewlett-packard model 334A.
I used this tester until 2002.

Fluke97 was active until recently.

GOULD MODEL 4500 digital oscilloscopes were things of the army grade.

Yamaha GS-1 with midi & Programming computer

There were about 6 computers.

It is cues of adams which I bought first.(1974)
This cue is the thing which I used for 14-1.

I use lucasi recently.

This is a catalogue of Ishigaki cues.

I went to the U.K. to study.

I worked as the instructor of the ski.

The emblem of my mercedes 600.(1998)

It is a studio of a huge system old moog synthesizer in L.A.
Mr.Kanji Honma(music artist) and a studio owner.

This is the album which I produced.
It was sold also in foreign countries.

My arden jaguar AJ-4 is the first car imported to Japan.

Four speed AT missions made by ZF,
Arden tune 350ps engine,
a serial number are 000117.

This is 914-6GT racing car for IMSA.
I made it 916 levels that could run in a public road.